Cheeky Chimps 2-3 Yrs 2017-10-18T09:44:55+00:00

cheeky chimps

The Cheeky Chimps room offers lots of space for children to move and explore in a bright and stimulating environment.

Your child will start to learn all round development skills through play. The environment offers varied resources and experiences such as construction which allows children to build, balance and make enclosures.

Small World resources and role play which develop children’s social skills, imagination and language. A book area where children can explore a variety of text, listen to music or snuggle up with a caring practitioner or friends and messy / creative play which enables children to explore different textures and materials.

We love to explore the natural environment and spend lots of time outdoors. One day we may be going on a bug hunt with our magnifying glasses and the next digging for buried treasure – every day offers new and exciting opportunities.

Knowledgeable practitioners recognise and support children’s growing independence. Children are encouraged and supported to make choices whether that is what they want to explore or what they would like for snack.

Children are supported to access drinking water independently throughout the day and develop good hygiene practices such as washing hands and brushing teeth.