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Tiger tots

Tiger Tots room is a spacious, stimulating and lively environment in which the children have a wide range of fun, creative and challenging activities.

Throughout the day children will have endless opportunities to enjoy free play and have free access to a wide array or toys and resources. There is also lots of time to participate in physical activities including sand and water play, movement and dance, role/ imaginative play and outdoor play.

There is always a variety of fine motor equipment available which includes jigsaws, baking, threading, mark making, Play Dough, matching and sorting games which are designed to promote colour and shape recognition, while also developing children’s fine motor skills.

Music, singing and stories are a big part of our day and there are a range of musical instruments available for children to explore the different sounds.

There are a variety of activities specifically promoted such as story sacks, puppets, sticky kids, and various rhyming and song activities which are a fun motivating way to develop listening and speech and language skills.

Practitioners encourage and promote children’s social skills and support their developing interest in forming friendships. Practitioners are sensitive to every child’s needs and skilfully recognise when a child needs extra support, cuddles or one to one quiet time.